Community Rules

Hadassa posted Apr 21, 17

We know you guys love rules, so especially for you we have set up our own community rules. And of course you'll read the fine print....

Community Rules:

1) Use the same name on our website and on Discord. This allows us to better track Red Dice and member activity.
2) Trolling on the website or here on Discord will result in removal from the community. If you're being harassed in a game, contact an Admin or Community Manager (please include a screencap if possible)
3) Be an adult. That's about as much as we expect from you. We want to have fun, play games, and enjoy each other’s company.


1) If you host an event on The Red Dice, please use our Discord Server. Switching to a different voice server/website is frowned upon.
2) Events are first come, first serve. If you want to join an event, please mark yourself as attending so the host knows if they should cancel the event.

3) Please use the Discord server to advertise upcoming events. Do not send invites out for events through Enjin. 
4) Please try to post events to the calendar at least 24-48 hours beforehand. This gives people time to sign up. 
5) Event Hosts reserve the right to cancel events if signups do not meet a minimum threshold for running the event, or for any personal reason they see fit. 
6) If you are no longer able to host an event, please contact a Host or Community Manager and we may be able to work out hosting the event in your place. 


Keep discussion to the appropriate channels. Here is an overview of each channel:

  • #welcome is for welcoming new members and getting them acquainted with the channel and the website
  • #announcements is for important notices, news and recognition.
  • #general is for general board game and TTS chat, feel free to discuss anything on topic here.
  • #off-topic is for anything non-board game, TTS or gaming related. Let's keep all of that here.
  • #lookingfor is asking about anything. Looking for a group? Looking for help with rules? Looking for love?
  • #voice is for discussing things with users on voice channels. Please use this chat for messaging users in the voice channels, or for posting images/gifs/links while communicating to other voice users.
  • Other chat channels may come and go as new/hot topics come about that require a separate section for discussion.

Keeping chat to their respective rooms clears up clutter and cross chat that ultimately leads to disorganization, so please respect the chat names.

Let the games begin!
The Red Dice Team