Nate Chatellier and Manny Trembley had an idea and realized it very successfully with Kickstarter. Their game “Dice Throne” is all about defeating the enemy with a healthy mixture of strategy and luck. While they are currently working hard to bring “Dice Throne” into the shops, Nate had some time to give an interview.


Hadassa Would love to learn this game, it really looks cool!

Bang! is a hidden-role board game that is originally set in the wild west. My interview partner today, Handyfon, likes the game so much that he created his own version of Bang! set in the One Piece universe with an even greater variety of cards than the original. I wanted to find out his motivation, working process and a lot more. Enjoy the interview :)

Hadassa That is really cool to read, i never think about how many hours a mod making will cost!
Jengerbread Sounds awesome! Thanks for the interview!

Snowflare will be organizing a tournament. Winner will earn bragging rights. It'll be a pokemon deckbuilding tournament 2v2. Just pm Snowflare if your interested and want more information. You'll be paired up randomly. We'll need even numbers, so far we already have 12 confirmed players. So enough for 6 teams. New players are welcome! Teaching games will be hosted upon request. 

SnowFlare Some of you may be aware that I have released a list of teams already. This does not mean that sign ups are closed. The ...