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Hadassa posted Aug 1, 17

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#1. Event calendar in your own timezone:
Update your profile with your country & time zone. So the event calendar show event in your own timezone. You do that here:

#2. Email Spam?
Go to: And disable the Enable email notifications to your registered email address & receive email newsletters and updates from Enjin!

#3. Hosting an Event
Yes! We really encourage our members to set up their own events. We like to see a mix of different board games and we only ask that the host be on time and online on discord at the start of their event so they can help new members around.

Everyone can set up events on the calendar and everyone can invite players on Discord. You can set up your event here: Keep in mind that the event calendar uses the timezone you did put on your profile when creating your event!

You can promote your event on discord with !event name example: !event Backstab.

#4. Join an Event
To join an event, please sign up on the calendar. If you don't know the rules to the game, ask if they can teach the game as well. This lets the host know that you are coming and gives them time to prepare. Think of it like meeting up with friend. If there are not enough players, the host will cancel their event.You can find the calendar here:

#5. Discord 
We are using Discord, a free voice/chat communication program. Discord is great since everyone can invite others and it is easy to use. Players can use Discord through their browser without downloading a client. You can find Discord here. If you need help with it, please contact one of the community managers to help you out! Guests are allowed in Guest Room. This is a link to our server.

For a discord rank, your name should be the same as your website name. 

We hope you have fun, 
The Red Dice Staff